Web Site Maintenance

Just need maintenance or updating on your site?
Navona Designs can keep your site current and up-to-date.

We can setup a schedule to perform a routine maintenance or updating program daily, weekly, or monthly. Maintaining websites since 1998 take a look at a few of the sites we update and maintain:


(update and maintain)

(created and maintain site)

(update and maintain)

(update and maintain)


(update and maintain)

(update and maintain)

(update and maintain)

(update and maintain)

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"Well, Steve, it's taken me a long time to get all my thoughts together to let you know how good it is to have someone like yourself who is so doggone dedicated to making all my computer needs a priority.

I have had a heap of folks doing my site over the years all to have a lot of stress added to the plate, which was totally unnecessary. You were who I was looking for to have a 'one-stop shop' so to speak. All my tech needs are answered when I finally took the initiative to call you about a year ago.

You are affordable and honestly willing to try anything that's a challenge. Hat's off to you for that. I've heard it said many a time that you never get a hit unless you take a swing at the ball. So far my association with you and Navona Designs has been a home run.

Rest assured that I'm singing your praises in such a way that even the birds would take a double take. Best to you as you strive to make a positive difference, Steve."

Dr. Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering
The Ambassador For Health
Daytona Beach, FL
January 27, 2003

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