Park and Point a Domain and Redirect a URL

You can have as many domain names pointed to your web hosting account you require.  A PARKED domain will capture all hits/mail and forward them to the main domain, you do not receive any additional server space.  For a $35 one-time setup fee for each domain name we can mirror your web pages and mail system.  There is no additional monthly fee, and you can add as many domain names to your site as you like.  There are two service options for multiple domain names: Domain Parking and Redirected URL.

Domain Parking: Each of your 'parked' domain names will point to your existing home page (root web).

URL Redirection:  If you are interested in having an additional domain name point to any other page in your website other than your root web/home page, URL Redirection may be an option for you.  Each Redirected URL can appear as a seperate and unique website to your web visitors, yet you only have one web site to manage and maintain.  Typically URL Redirection is used if a company or organization has several unique product lines, services, or trade names, all related to the same business, that would benefit from a distinct home page and web address.  Employing multiple domain names can provide added flexibility in the marketing and advertising of a company's varied products and services.  URL Redirection is not intended for use in hosting websites for other parties or companies under your account.  Each domain will be a seperate account with all the features of a regular account including email and billed as a seperate account.

Certain technical limitations may apply when using certain FrontPage features.  We will add the one-time setup fee to your next monthly bill, or you can pay at time of order.  If you have any questions please contact our Sales Department.

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